Hello and Welcome

Let me begin my first post by confessing what I am not.  I am not a vintner, sommelier, restauranteur, or involved with any profession associated with the wine, spirits, or food industry.  I do not pretend to know anything about the growing of grapes or the creation of wine.  I am simply an individual with a passion for wine and one who appreciates the skill and artistry of those who create it.

I began taking more than a casual interest in wine in 2003, after listening to a presentation by a sommelier associated with one of the wineries in Niagara.  This individual can be credited or blamed, for what has become a passion and thirst (pardon the pun) for knowledge and of course, good wines.

The inspiration for this blog came from encouragement and prodding from friends and family, who for some reason like to hear me babble on about this wine or that wine and have been subjected to me sticking this wine or that wine under their noses and down their throats wanting their reaction to what I have presented to them.  My wife is one of this group and as my retirement draws closer, I think from her perspective, it will give me something to do and keep me out of her hair.

I have read lots of wine reviews from the various experts and find them helpful when deciding on which new wines I would like to explore.  You may find that you share a similar palette of one reviewer or another.  If you do, then that individual may provide you with great insight as to selections you may enjoy and which ones to avoid.

On the other hand, you may be like me; someone who does not consistently share the same tastes or opinions of any particular reviewer and thus have to draw your own conclusions based on the vintner and reviewer notes. Possibly you simply do what my wife does and make your selections based on whether or not you like the label.  Surprisingly, she has discovered some great wines this way. Ultimately, what is important is that you discover wines that you enjoy.  Don’t allow a prestigious reviewer likes or dislikes intimidate your own personal taste.  What is important is that you discover wines that you enjoy.

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