The Serious Whisky/Whiskey Drinkers

Whisky and whiskey sales are booming as these beverages have steadily been increasing in popularity since the 1990s.  Both the quality and variety of products and styles have peaked consumer interest and demand.

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This increase in popularity made me think, and ask the question, “Who are the largest consumers of whisky/whiskey?”  Well, the answer will change depending on whether you are talking about consumption per capita, volume or market share.  The latter two categories are related to a nation’s overall population size and are rather predictable.  Therefore, I decided to investigate consumption per person on an annual basis.

The information presented is based on statistical information completed by Euromonitor, an international market research and analysis company, together with Quartz, a global business news organization.  The information is presented in litres consumed per inhabitant per year.

  1. France – 2.15 litres per person
  2. Uruguay – 1.77 litres per person
  3. United States – 1.41 litres per person
  4. Australia – 1.3 litres per person
  5. Spain – 1.29 litres per person
  6. United Arab Emirates – 1.27 litres per person
  7. United Kingdom – 1.25 litres per person
  8. Ireland – 1.24 litres per person
  9. India – 1.24 litres per person
  10. Canada – 1.19 litres per person

I found some of the results surprising, such as France as number 1. I always considered the French only as great wine enthusiasts. On the other hand, based on reputation, I would have thought Ireland to have been ranked much higher.  Who knew?

Sláinte mhaith

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