Canada’s Wine Regions – Part 2 – Quebec

The wine appellations of Quebec are located in the Eastern Townships of Montérégie, Ouest-du-Québec, Est-du-Québec, and Centre-du-Québec.

While the first grapes grown in Québec can be traced to the early days of “New France”, the industry really began to blossom in the 1980s.

Today there are about 140 wineries (most are artisanal) in the province located in six primary wine regions: Laurentides, Lanaudière, Montérégie, Estrie, Capitale-Nationale and Centre-du-Québec.

The Québec wine industry is responsible for a total of 1,975 acres of grapevines and 45 different grape varietals grow across the province.

Over half of Quebec’s wineries are found in the two tourist regions that produce the most wine, namely the Eastern Townships and Montérégie. Various wine routes enable you to discover the secrets of Quebec viniculture.

The vine varieties that seem to grow the best in Quebec are those of Northern France, Germany, and North-Eastern United States. Some 40 varieties are grown in Quebec, with the most commonly planted being,

Red Wine

  • Sainte-Croix
  • Maréchal Foch
  • Frontenac
  • Sabrevois
  • De Chaunac

White Wine

  • Vidal
  • Seyval Blanc
  • L’Acadie Blanc
  • Vandal-Cliche
  • Geisenheim

Vines used in red wine make up 60% of the total planted area.

Several Québec wines are available at SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec) outlets. You may also discover them at the wineries and some public markets throughout Québec.

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